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Our company was formed in 1981. Since then we have grown our positive reputation and are known for our:

• Professional Service
• Fair Prices

• Patented Peak System


Product Line


Our product line includes, but is NOT limited to:

• One Story Enclosures

• Two Story Enclosures


• 4 Season Sun Rooms

• Screen Rooms

• Round Enclosures

• Stair Railing

• Gazebo

• Specialty Doors

• Build Carport

• Boat Covers

and much more...

Call us with your idea and we will be pleased to give you a free estimate.






Contractors choose us because of our impeccable reputation and because we are:

• Bonded
• Insured
• Florida State Licensed

We hold a valid State of Florida license that allows us to serve the entire State, while most of our competitors can only serve one or two counties within Florida.


Although we can serve all of Florida, most of our customers are concentrated in the following Florida Counties:

• Hillsborough
• Pasco
• Pinellas
• Polk


Our Personnel


We employ all of our own staff, who are bonded and insured through Ron L. Aluminum.


We do NOT hire day-laborers or sub-contractors.



Phizer Authorized Dealer


We are a Phizer Authorized Dealer that ensures the products we put into your enclosure are high-quality.





We use a Patented Peak Insert rather than plates.


This ensures a strong structure that will withstand strong winds without imploding.


The additional strength provided by this technique also allows us to increase the structure spans without having interior supports that will block your view.


We will be pleased to show any of our clients our patented design upon request.





Please feel free to check out our references HERE:


Watch as we build this spectacular enclosure.

Building Process Photo Gallery




This is a photo gallery of our roof beam patent
as well as a photo of the screening we use.

Quality Photo Gallery




Product Line





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