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At Ron L. Aluminum, our screen enclosures are not only affordable, but they have strength that cannot be compared to any other. The strength of our rafters can hold up a complete car. The reason we can do this is because of our patented peak system and the high density of aluminum in our product.


If you want to build a pool, you should consider Ron L. Aluminum to install an enclosure to keep out pests as well as dirt and debris. Add these benefits to the tremendous strength we build into every one of our projects.



Yes, this is a real working car complete with engine, spare tire and all the things in a regular auto.



Yes, the car on the right is completely suspended in the air with chains from the rafters of our screen enclosure (and is slightly moving).



Yes, this photo was taken at a real Trade Show in Tampa, where many people witnessed this.



Come visit our display at the next Trade Show and you can witness the strength of our enclosure for yourself.



Car Moving Suspended Car Details

Check this page for detailed pictures of our suspended car.


At Ron L. Aluminum, we provide a variety of products and services. Every project is constructed and installed with the highest quality workmanship and materials, - all at a very affordable price.


We have engineered and patented a special peak system that has increased strength and allows greater spans without supports obstructing your view. Yes, that is also why we can suspend our owner's car from the "rafters!"


Every job is custom designed according to your specifications and then engineered to meet your needs as well as comply with building code standards.


Our objective is to open up the world for you to enjoy the outside from inside your own screen enclosure.






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